Team Approach

Andrea is a consultant Physiotherapist with Golf Canada and works with the National Men and Women Developmental teams which requires her to travel to team camps and monitor players throughout the year. This opportunity has allowed Andrea to work as part of the Sports Science Team and learn from the best in the golf performance industry in Canada! Andrea brings this team concept from the National Team to the golfers in Calgary.

Your GOLF BODY sessions will benefit players of all skill level who wish to swing more efficiently and consistently, maximize golf performance, and reduce the risk of injuries. Communication with other professionals is an important component if you are just starting to play golf or a seasoned veteran:

  • LEARNING THE GAME: This is a great time to learn more about YourGOLFBODY as well! The golf swing is a full body movement where you will be using muscles and moving in directions that you might not be accustomed. Set yourself up for some additional success by learning how to warm up, improve flexibility, and engage the golf muscles as you learn the proper mechanics of the golf swing from a golf teaching professional.
  • WEEKEND WARRIOR: This player has played golf before and plays most rounds on the weekends. YourGOLFBODY can help increase your enjoyment of the game by teaching you strategies that can prepare you for your weekend golf marathons. Knowledge of what your golf body can do and ways to improve how it moves can lead to injury prevention, more golf, and maybe even better scores! Having this information and attending a regular fitness program or taking a lesson can help you get the most out of the sessions.
  • COMPETITIVE PLAYER: This player can benefit from learning more about their GOLFBODY. A competitive player usually has solid fundamental golf swing. Learning how repetitive movements can lead to imbalances or restricted motion and what can be done about them can give the competitive player an advantage.
ALL PLAYERS of ALL AGES can learn more about their GOLFBODY.
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