Medical Assessment

Pain can be a RED FLAG when training clients. Knowing what structures or movement patterns that can be causing this discomfort is important to prevent further pain or injury. With fitness taking a more obvious role in golf on the professional tours –our golfers need to be guided in routines that address their specific deficiencies.

YourGOLFBODYMedical Assessment is an in-depth physical assessment of the golf body of possible structures that can limit, compensate for, as well as, elevate the ability to make the most efficient swing.

Medical Assessment can identify:

  • Cause of Pain and Management Strategies
  • Cause of Limited Mobility that: Alters Swing Mechanics
  • Increase the Risk of Injury
  • Area and Cause of Limited Strength and/or Power

Communication with Fitness Professionals regarding specifics of each golfer is Key! Show your players the best diagnosis for their fitness needs by understanding their GOLFBODY.

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