Will my insurance cover my YourGOLFBODY Medical Assessment?
Andrea Kosa is a registered physiotherapist and depending on your insurance company –a portion can be covered.

How many treatments will I need?
The number or sessions will be determined on two factors: Your Goals you want to achieve Your level of injury/pain

If I want you to contact my Golf Pro about my injury and program, how will that be done?
We will not release any information regarding your condition or assessment findings unless we receive permission by you in writing. At any time you wish us to stop sharing information with whomever you chose –you just need to let us know.

What if I do not have a Fitness trainer that understands golf fitness?
YourGOLFBODY has fitness professionals that we refer our clients to on a regular basis. We will suggest fitness people for you to contact and schedule your work out session.
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