Philosophy : Getting to know Your GOLF BODY better!

Golf has multiple factors that can affect a player who wishes to improve their game, increase the longevity and enjoyment of the game, or reduce the risk of injury. The ability for Your GOLF BODY to MOVE is one main factor. If you understand how your body moves and how you can make it move more efficiently, you will be able to take the steps towards improving your golf swing.

Your GOLF BODY offers physiotherapy sessions to benefit players of all skill levels who wish to:
  • Improve their swing to be more efficient and consistent
  • Maximize golf performance
  • Reduce the risk of injuries by identifying physical factors within their body that may lead to altered movement patterns
Physiotherapy services will can help anyone who is:
          Playing with an injury,
  • Managing a chronic condition that may be influencing your swing, or are
  • Unable to play due to an injury and want to get back to playing golf

  • When you understand Your GOLF BODY better, as well as the professionals that you work with, then growth and success in your game is just around the corner!
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