Corrective Exercises

YourGOLFBODY assessment may reveal imbalances/movement limitations that can affect your ability to reach your full golf potential or may increase your risk for injury. We prescribe specific corrective exercises to improve these limitations to improve these imbalance, and can help you develop a golf-specific fitness regime.

These exercises can be prescribed as:

  • Home Program
  • Gym Program
  • Personal Training
  • Recommend an Appropriate Group Exercise Program
If you have a trainer that you work with already, we can help you identify some golf-specific exercises to incorporate into your program. Or we can help you find the right program and fitness professional that specializes in golf exercise.

Communication is Key - let us speak with your Fitness Professional, or book at TEAM Fitness Session where we can work together at the gym to create an exercise program that will focus on what YourGOLFBODY needs to improve.
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