Performance Inside and Out
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Great golf performance can lead to a win. But to get there you need to understand all the factors that influence your game. These factors can be described under two categories – Intrinsic (within you) and Extrinsic (outside you). Physical limitation is an intrinsic factor that can have a cummulative effect with other factors. Simple Screening is available to identify areas of limitation or weakness in your body! Once they are understood, then they can be corrected or compensated for in a safe manner.

Tiger is a great example right now – his left knee and achilles injury is an intrinsic factor that is limiting his golf career currently. The pain and phyical weakness he has in these areas of his body will limit how he plays the game. He may not trust the leg to withstand his strong follow through, which may lead to doubt on where to aim, or compensation strategy with other areas in the body. If he continued to play in this state – there could be a snowball effect of doubt, pain in other areas, slow healing of injured tissue, swing mechanic alterations due to pain inhibition, and more time away from this great game.

I believe Tiger stepping away from the game to take care of his body under the pressure of sponsor and PGA to play instead…is the greatest thing Tiger has done in the past 2 years. It is hard to step back and take the time to heal – especially here in Calgary with such a short season. In the long run it pays off. You will be back playing the game better and stronger if you let the injury heal.

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