January Golf Trip Planned? Will you be ready?
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Here in Calgary Alberta – the ground is frost covered and the greens are starting to freeze from the cool prairie nights. Greens keepers hurry to put the course to “bed” for the winter – and protect it from the icy snow that is just around the corner. Golf season outside has come to an end.
BUT – there are options to keep your game and body in good form for the Winter Trips to Palm Springs, Phoenix, or Hawaii! Here are some things you can do:
1. Find out your golf body strength and weaknesses! It could be stability, strength,power, or mobility. Get yourself assessed and build on the findings.
2 Golf Domes are open all year round – busy in the winter, but still a great way to keep your swing grooved. Not grooved? Speak to a CPGA teaching pro at one of these facilities to get your swing working for you.
3. Don’t forget the heated outdoor ranges like GOLF CANADA CENTER! Watch your ball fly past where it would in the dome…still can be chilly out! Bring your warm clothes.
4. Work on your fitness! The time you spent on the course can now be spent doing an effective and efficient workout program. Ask a trainer where to start if you are not certain.
5. Putting: there are many short carpet places to practice your putting. You can even do this at home!
6. Read up on the mental aspect of the game – Rotella has many books that key into peak performance. Vision 54 by Marriott and Nilsson – Play your best golf now!
7. Book your trip to a sunny green destination – this carrot dangling infront of you will keep you motivated!

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