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This weekend I was lucky enough to get to know one of Canada’s finest athletes at the Glencoe Invitational Awards night hosted by Kinnear Financial. Melissa Hollingsworth was our guest speaker where she shared her story of persistence and passion for excellence to all the participants and volunteers of the event. Over dinner, we spent time chatting about the experiences she has had from the beginning of her skeleton career, being an Olympian, travel and competing in the World Cup events, and her training both physical and mental. There are a lot of parallels that can be made even though we are comparing sliding down an icy slope at 145km/h and golf!
1) An inch can be the difference between finishing 1st or 5th
2) Letting go of a mistake at the beginning and pressing through to the finish
3) Trusting your equipment, your body, and your training/practice
4) Not letting fear dictate your performance
I have attached a link to Melissa’s website and blog. She is challenging herself this summer on the pro rodeo circuit in barrel racing with her horse Rascal. This blog is a great read and has some great insights to performance that can be related back to the great game of golf and golfers at all levels.
Thanks for sharing your passion for excellence – it is contagious!!

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