CN Final Round Complete
May 19th, 2011, Posted by andrea |  No Comments »

Today was the last competitive round at the CN Women’s Tour Event held at Squamish Valley Golf Club. I started my round at 8:00 am bright and early with cool breeze of the mountains, blue skies, and sunshine. My game and score was not what I would have liked it to be, however, it was a great experience. The highlight of my game was choosing the option to chip my ball that was on the green already so that I could have the best chance of making par. If I had putted, I would have had to go through 25 feet of fringe on the way to a downhill bending line. It was great! Not a blemish on the green and a almost spectacular shot (needed to fly it 1 more foot to catch the better break). What I take from this adventure in golf is that I have the ability to play at this level when my game is more in tune. Now it is time to practice to get my swing to be singing the right tune!

Thanks to CN for supporting the great game of golf for Women in this great country of Canada! To all the volunteers (especially Bob and Wayne the walking scorers for the last two days) from the community and Golf Canada – your work is recognized and much appreciated. Way to go players! These girls can play!!

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