Alberta Mid Amateur Champion!
July 15th, 2011, Posted by andrea |  No Comments »

Not only did I wake up to watching the British Open..but the weather was absolutely fantastic for today 3rd round at the Sunlife Financial Alberta Ladies Amateur. is round 3 for the Amateur portion of the event, but the final round of the Mid Amateur (25 yrs+) and Mid Master (40 yrs+) portion of the event. There was a two hole play off to crown Kerrin Lee-Gartner as the Mid Master Champion. My game was good enough to repeat as the Mid Amateur Champion.

Here is the deal…I shot 73. Doesn’t seem like a bad score, but I am working on a little disappointment right now. This funny game! I promise you if I had triple bogied the first hole, I would not be as upset, and the 73 would have been pretty good. However, when you triple the last hole…when you were 1 under at the time and picking up some strokes on the leader…frustrating!

The other part is this – why did I triple that last hole. I could blame the bunker that I was in that was not raked and my ball sat in a blast mark…OR I could take the heat and say “HEY! Why did you hit it in that bunker in the first place from the middle of the fairway?!” So, food for thought.
I am proud of my Mid Amateur Championship title and I am happy that I get another chance to play better tomorrow at Cottonwood. Funny game!

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