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March 1st, 2012, Posted by andrea |  No Comments »

Last year I spent 4+ hours practicing at the PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. The course was slowing down for the summer season as all the “snow birds” were heading North. Beautiful course … but I wish I could have gone out to play the infamous BEAR TRAP. Would my game keep me safe and dry or would I end up in the water pounding my fist at the golf gods (AKA Jack!) Some day perhaps I will go back…but for now I will watch the Pros give it a go…maybe it will be turned into a Bear Cub all gentle by the end of the weekend.


Pebble Beach Pro-Am
February 9th, 2012, Posted by andrea |  No Comments »

This weeks PGA Tour event is the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. I was fortunate to play both Pebble Beach and Spyglass in 2008. Both courses have their own challenges: for me Pebble was difficult due to strong winds and light rain the day we played. On #7 it was only a little chip 54 degree wedge to the middle of the green. Looks like the pros have a nice weather day today! Spyglass weaved its way through the local trees, up and down, and around the dog-legs. I could lay across the middle of the 4th green and touch both edges of the fringe with my toes and finger tips! What makes these courses difficult are the small greens – you have to be precise and have the sun on your side.

Looking forward to enjoying the final round at Pebble…is Tiger on his way back?



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